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Date7th May 2019
Time09:00 - 16:30
VenueIGEM House, Kegworth
Price £315.00 (Members) £415.00 (Non-Members)
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IGEM House, High Street, Kegworth, Derbyshire, DE74 2DA

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Linda Mee email, tel 01509 678184

IGEM technical training course
About The Event
IGEM/GM/8 metering update

Course outline

This standard covers the design of gas supply meter installations of capacity greater than 6 m3 h-1 and maximum operating pressure not exceeding 38 bar. It applies to new, onshore, gas supply meter installations only. It is not retrospective. However, where work needs to be undertaken on a meter installation, it is recommended that such an installation be brought into line with this Standard.

Key outcomes/objectives

On completion of the course delegates should be able to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge and understanding covering: 

• design 

• locations, housings and compounds

• installation and commissioning including setting governors & safety devices

• covering operation and maintenance

• notices and labels.

• completing industry documentation.

Course content

1. Introduction – original document, brief scope and relationship to other            documents

2. Detailed scope of the new document, IP domestic, pressure limit

3. Important updates from the previous version

a)  Style and format, how to read it, parts and appendices

b) What’s in, non-metallic relief pipes, resilient seated gate valves, materials – new standards, NDE, minimum wall thicknesses, better examples, labelling, US meters 

c) What’s out – NRVs4. 

4. References – important other documents, UP/2, UP/1 and TD/135. 

5  Relationship with GT/1, GT/2 and MAMCoP6. 

6. Pressure control diagrams

7. Metering diagrams – MOVs

8. Non-standard pressures and EVCs

9. Ultrasonic meters

10. Pressure systems, Safety Regs and Maintenance/Inspection/Monitoring

11. GL/5

12. Pressure control examples and completing the GT/2

13. Labelling – New composite notice, filling it in, relationship with GT/2

14. Practical exercises using actual meter rigs

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anybody involved in the specification, design, validation, construction, installation or maintenance of non-domestic meter installations.

Course pre-requisites

Some knowledge of IGEM/GM/8

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