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Date1st May 2019
Time09:00 - 16:30
VenueIGEM House, Kegworth
Price £315.00 (Members) £415.00 (Non-Members)
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IGEM House, High Street, Kegworth, Derbyshire, DE74 2DA

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Linda Mee email tel 01509 678184

IGEM technical training course
About The Event
IGEM/GM/7A & 7B technical update

Course outline

The aim of the course is to update candidates, in the latest developments around electrical connections to meters and hazardous area management for meter installations, following the review and re-publication of IGEM/GM/7A Edition 2 “Electrical connections for gas metering equipment" and IGEM/GM/7B Edition 2 "Hazardous area classification for gas metering equipment". 

Course objectives

The course will aim to give practitioners a practical update on the changes to standards that materially impact their operations. In particular the application of Zone 2NE criteria to hazardous area assessment. 

For individuals who are new to this area the course will provide them with a basic understanding of the requirements of the standards and enable them to apply this understanding practically in the workplace.

Expected learning outcomes

On completion of the course candidates will be expected to:

  1. Understand the legal and regulatory requirements
  2. Identify the variations in different types of connection and describe how to use them appropriately
  3. Identify a hazardous area and carry out an assessment by demonstrating and understanding of the zoning classifications including housings and ventstacks
  4. Understand the roles and responsibilities of different industry participants
  5. Understand the requirements for inspection, maintenance and records

Course content

  1. Introduction - original document, brief scope and relationship to other documents
  2. Detailed scope of the new document
  3. Important updates from the previous version
  4. References
  5. Relationship with SR/25 and DSEAR
  6. Hazardous area assessment
  7. Zone 2NE
  8. Hazardous area diagrams
  9. Labelling
  10. Electrical and data connections to meters
  11. Practical exercises

Who is the course aimed at and pre-requisites

Individuals who are new to this area and wish to gain a greater understanding and practitioners who wish to understand what changes have been made to the standards.

There are no official pre-requisite qualifications but a practical knowledge of gas metering equipment and IGEM standards would be an advantage.

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