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Date14th November 2018
Time17:00 - 20:00
VenueCadent Gas Ltd, Manchester
Price Free (Members) Free (Non-Members)
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Cadent Gas Ltd Mersey Road North Hollinwood Manchester M35 9FF

Contact Details: +44 (0)1509 678150

A North West Section event
About The Event
Insight into the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC)

This event will provide insight into how the Energy Innovation Centre (EIC) bridges the gap between large networks and small-scale SMEs.

Alec Breen, EIC Innovation Leader, and colleagues from EIC will present on a range of topics that will cover:

  • Innovation in the utility sector
  • Collaboration challenges and opportunities
  • Background to the EIC
  • Being part of the innovation community, how SME’s can benefit for being part a growing EIC community
  • How the SME’s can get involved
  • Sharing case studies
  • Future of innovation in a regulated world


Registration starts at 17:00, a light buffet and a chance to network will be provided at this time. Presentations begin at 18:00.

Bookings for this event are no longer available.