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Date9th July 2014
Time08:15 - 16:30
VenueQueen Elizabeth II Conference Centre
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Broad Sanctuary London SW1P 3EE

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Educate, Innovate, Eradicate
About The Event
Carbon Monoxide: Knowledge is Power

DID you know?

  •  A family of four from Suffolk had a lucky escape in March this year after they were rushed to hospital following a carbon monoxide leak at their home.
  • In February this year, a 55-year-old restaurant manager died and more than two dozen others were taken to hospitals after being overcome by carbon monoxide at a restaurant in a New York mall.
  • Both of these incidents happened this year. Both of these incidents were preventable. Join the fight against ignorance and help make carbon monoxide poisoning preventable.

While no one can deny the success of last year’s landmark conference Carbon Monoxide: Ignorance Can Be Fatal, we at IGEM know there is still more to be done.

Every year in the UK, 40 preventable deaths occur due to carbon monoxide poisoning. At IGEM, we believe this is 40 too many.

From fire safety chiefs, medical professionals, scientists, community workers, housing groups to gas distribution network bosses, we are inviting you to take part in an event which could shape the future safety of everyone in the UK and influence approaches around the world.

Supported by Northern Gas Networks, Scotia Gas Networks, Wales & West Utilities and National Grid, the event has three key pillars: 

  • Research – How we can learn more about the effects of carbon monoxide  
  • Education & Behaviour Change – How do we get the public to understand the dangers of carbon monoxide and change their behaviour
  • Technology – What advances could transform the safety of everyone?


The fight to reduce instances of carbon monoxide poisoning continues.

Carbon Monoxide is odorless, colorless, and otherwise undetectable to the human senses; people continue to remain unaware of the risks of being exposed to Carbon Monoxide and the potential dangers.

Carbon Monoxide: Knowledge is Power aims to provide a forum and meeting place for diverse organisations to work in partnership. This is a unique conference tailored to meet the needs of every industry involved in the safe utilisation of fuels.

Hear from keynote speakers and leading experts about the latest developments in fight against further injury and fatalities as a result of this silent killer.

Further information will be released shortly. Should you wish to learn more please contact Julie Adcock.

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